Are Your Outdated Windows Causing Energy Waste?

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Older windows not only become problematic to operate, they can also increase the energy costs of a home. When the windows of a home are no longer functioning normally, it is imperative homeowners seek Window Replacement. Having new windows installed can make a big difference in the appearance and energy efficiency of a home. With this information, homeowners will learn why their old windows may be causing more trouble than they realize.

Why Do Older Windows Cause Energy Expenditure Increases?

When the windows of a home are old and outdated, they are not sealed properly. A lack of a proper seal allows drafts to come in. While one single drafty window may not make too much of a difference in the energy bills of a home, if multiple windows are faulty, they can have a profound effect on the energy efficiency of the home.

Older windows also allow air to escape from inside the home. During the summer, the cool air from the AC system can leak outside and, in the winter, heat will likely escape. Those homeowners who are seeing increased energy costs with no real changes in weather or type of use need to contact the Roofers Atlanta to have their home's old windows replaced with new, energy-efficient replacement windows.

Most homeowners are shocked to learn what a difference having new windows installed can mean. Not only do these windows increase the energy efficiency of a home, but they can also improve the property's value. Taking steps such as seeking Roof Repair Atlanta will increase the home's value and ensure the homeowner's investment is properly protected.

Discover More Today

Homeowners who are dealing with older windows and leaking roofs need to call the professionals for a full inspection. The Roofing Company Atlanta will carefully inspect the windows and the roof to determine what steps need to be taken to ensure the home is protected.

These professionals will be able to offer recommendations to the homeowner to help them determine which windows will offer them the best energy efficiency. They will also check the roof to determine if it needs to be repaired or replaced.

If your energy costs are rising and you are dealing with older windows, it may be time to upgrade. New windows will bring new life to your home and make it more valuable. Call the construction experts today for further details. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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